Antivirus Dr.Web

Do you need antivirus on your computer?

Aurora company, conjointly with world-renowned Russian developer of anti-virus software company Dr.WEB, offers you the attractive and interesting offer for business - the provision of the Antivirus in rent!

Meaning of service

The essence of the service time-limited right (license) to use the protective functions of the Dr.Web software as a service.

How does it work?

We conclude the service contract. You choose the tariff package and receive a link to install the chosen anti-virus to your computer! That’s all! Your computer is adequately protected, and the program receives regular free updates from our server.

The subscription period

From 1 month to indefinitely - until you did not stop the service.

Features of the licensing

You pay only the actual number of connections, and this number can flexibly change both upwards and downwards depending on current needs.

The basic tariff packages

  • Dr.Web Classic (antivirus + firewall) = 1 EUR/month for a computer.
  • Dr.Web Standard (Antivirus + Antispam + Firewall) = 1,2 EUR/ month for a computer.
  • Dr.Web Premium (integrated security) = 1,3 EUR/month for a computer.
  • Dr.Web Premium Server = 6,1 EUR/month for a server.

Within each of the tariff package provides protection for workstations and Windows servers (client's choice).

Discounts Number of computers with an active subscription Amount of discount
(% of tariff)

from 26 to 50


from 51 to 100


from 101 to 200


from 201 to 300


from 301 to 400


from 401 to 500


Payment for services

Monthly. In fact, the service - is antivirus in installments

What is included in the subscription?

  • Ensuring continued access of protected client stations to our servers
  • Updates Dr.Web virus database
  • Update software modules of Dr.Web
  • Basic technical support
  • Analysis of unknown viruses

More information, call (044) 200-16-74 or e-mail

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