IT Integration

Integration and configuration of complex software systems:

Automation of business processes at the enterprise is a requirement of the present time, since the use of modern technical means and computer programs can operate with greater accuracy and less time consuming. And in a competitive market player who is doing their job faster. Automation of business - is the optimization and integration of all information flows into a single system. This is an opportunity to provide significant cost savings and improve business performance of the company. The ultimate goal of any optimization in business - it saves time, money and resources. Taking the size of the organization, the goal is achieved through a comprehensive or partial automation of business processes.

We implement and service automation systems business based on Terrasoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others, are also developing these systems individually, based on customer needs and the specifics of its business.

Integration and configuration of server operating systems and services:

  • MS Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 Core, Hyper-V Server, SBS - line high-performance, reliable operating systems.
  • MS Exchange Server - keeping, monitoring, analysis tasks, advanced management client base and, of course, excellent mail server. Versions 2003 and 2007 the possibility of creating a failsafe system (cluster).
  • MS SharePoint Server - a web-based platform for collaboration and document management system. This solution can be used to create a corporate Web portal, which provides shared documents or specialized applications.
  • MS Hyper-V Server - Server Consolidation on the virtual platform has many advantages, we give you the opportunity to see it for themselves.
  • MS Terminal Services - based Terminal Server Windows Server 2008 allows you to run the terminal application on the client as if they are installed locally! It all depends on the width of the channel and server capacity.
  • MS ISA Server - allows you to organize the defense of the local network from interference from the Internet safely and to publish different kinds of servers, also provides an opportunity to distribute a user's access network to the Internet resources. Equipped with tools for analysis of visited websites, traffic accounting, as well as protection against attacks from the Internet.

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