Monitoring 24 / 7

The service provides remote monitoring of your IT infrastructure (or its individual services) and periodic detailed report on its accessibility and efficiency.

Purpose of service:

  • Logging of servers and critical applications for further analysis after the fact of failure.

In work, our company uses a centralized monitoring system, which allows you to track real-time status of servers and applications by the set of parameters. For example - to control the volume of the system drive, system uptime, CPU load, amount of free RAM and other options. So, if the malfunction, it is usually after the restoration of the situation, such as rebooting the server, it is difficult to understand the reason for this failure. Detailed logging will help to analyze the situation, not even watching it.

  • Instant notification when a deviation from the norm using SMS messages.

In situations of widespread competition and high rates of business problems, every minute - weight in gold. Every minute of servers shutdown turns large financial losses (customers, orders, payment for vacation time). This service helps prevent accidents, significantly reduce the downtime of servers and applications, as well as reduce the response time to problems.

In the event of unforeseen or emergency situations on the equipment, we set up a warning system failures, which can be delivered in the form of SMS to the responsible person. Also, there is an automatic logging of problems, which further helps to analyze and avoid similar situations. For example, if failure occurs at night, then the SMS helping immediately begin work to address the problems.

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