Support of 1C8

Continuity of support 1C software products - a pledge stable operation of the enterprise. Optimization and tuning of software with considering of specific of business process is a guarantee of the progress of business.

Center for Information Technology Aurora provides services to support and refine systems based on 1C platform 8, integration of 1С 8 products with external software and hardware. Our experts are ready to execute complex projects as a client organization, and local problems. Depending on your needs, we will select the optimal scheme of cooperation that will help close the development and maintenance of the system that will allow you to focus on your business.

We offer:

  • Development of system functionality (interface, print forms, documents, directories, change of business-logic, etc.)
  • Updating platforms and system configurations
  • Introduction of new configurations and modules
  • Operational support of 1C, advising users
  • Administration 1C: the creation of new databases, backups, management of access rights

Ways of cooperation

Hourly work of our experts - scheme of work in which the work is done at the request of the customer, and payment is made for the adoption of the work(tariff "One-time services"). The work on the project – support 1C 8 product on a certain area of development and / or implementation. According to statement of work and service contract, in which will be approved terms, conditions and structure of the work performed. Work performs under the project, payment for the project, that accepted by the customer (tariff "Project").

Final terms of cooperation are discussed individually tailored to your requirements and wishes. In any scheme of work, our company ensures the quality of the work on time.

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